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LCM Nats Day 1

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50 free, 3rd, 29.29

Just swam the 50 free today. It felt rough and choppy, and I tightened up the second 25. But having not trained any sprint free, I didn't expect anything different. And I was pretty happy with the time. It equals my best textile suit time from some years ago. I've only gone sub 29 (3 x in Indy) with my B70. If the results from Worlds and Nats stand, this time will put me #4 in the FINA rankings. I'll take it!

I did not take the 100 back however. I was tired after 50 free and didn't have enough time to recover and wrap my brains around 4 lengths of the pool. I also don't feel great in the water. Last week's fiasco and missing a couple days in the pool definitely threw me off. But I still think 50 free was a good "get the cobwebs out swim.". And I'm psyched for 50 back today. I tried a couple more starts in the afternoon, which felt great. I'm using the higher bar and putting 1/3 of my feet out of the water. Love FINA walls for backstroke starts. I also got a quick massage to loosen up my back.

Forum/masters dinner tonight at Vivace if anyone wants to join!

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Leslie, I saw your 50 and it looked great. I saw you talking with Ande afterwards and tried to make my way over to chat, but, by the time I got there, you had already disappeared. I'll see you tonight.