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Saturday 08042012: Arizona Masters LC State Championships

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by , August 4th, 2012 at 06:45 PM (176 Views)
although I got to sleep an hour later than normal, it seemed way too early when my alarm clock went off at 5:30 today.

then I couldn't find any bread to make my usual pre-meet/pre-race PB&J (I do it before every meet, marathon, bike event, etc). so I found an egg/turkey sausage sandwich in the freezer and nuked that instead.
I gathered together way too much stuff, and headed out the door at 6:40.

arrived at Kino just in time for warm-ups at 7am.

500 nice and easy
5 x 100 @ 10ish sec rest
3 x 100, 50 breast/50 free @ 10ish rest
200 easy

right as I finished that, they opened a warm-up lane for starts:
2 x 100, start off block, fast for ~20ish meters, then easy to the bulkhead, easy back in the next lane

since I was in the 3rd heat of the 1500, I did an extra 200 yards during heat 2, just to get wet, cool off, and keep a little fresh

Event 1: 1500m free
Seed time: 22:10
Last year: 22:08.96
Today's result: 21:46

Initially I was seeded in lane 7, with Lacey (who I swim with) in lane 2. I asked the meet organizer about a change, she called over the gal from lane 6 who agreed it, so we switched.
so I was between Lacey (lane 7), who seeded around 22:30 and a gal who was seeded around 20:00, with Kurt Dickson on the other side.
I'm always a bit conservative on my start for this, maybe even pausing on the start to make sure I don't DQ.
I was glad I switched, I had someone to swim with for a good ~800, before either I took off and/or she fell back a bit.
And I know I'm not supposed to look or care, but Kurt only lapped me twice. not only that, but the guy in lane 8 was a total sandbagger, seeded around 26, finished in under 20. I noticed him lapping me at some point (I think around 1100) and I pushed things up a bit.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with that time. The water was warm, the air was warm, the sun was being its usual PHX self... this is 22 sec off of last year's, which I thought was fantastic.
So I was having a blond moment when I finished. Lacey was exactly a minute behind me, and I saw 22:46 on the scoreboard, just assumed it was mine. I swam the 100 free and 100 breast, then was relaxing before the 400, chatting with Lacey, when I told her I was a bit disappointed. then she said, "no that was my time, yours must be way better." so I went to the results and checked again, and was so stoked when I did my 400.

Event 2: 100m free
seed time: 1:10
last year: 1:08.72
today's result: 1:11

I had a whopping 15 min rest between the 1500 and my heat of the 100. I had enough time to grab my jammer from my bag, go to the locker room, squeeze into it, jumped in the warm-up pool for a quick 100 yards...
that said, I had a strong first 50. I was in lane 8, kept ahead of lane 7 through around 60m, then he took off.
this isn't horrible; yes last year was better. but the year before I did 1:12.

Event 5: 100m Breaststroke
seed time: 1:30
last year: 1:29.43
today's result: 1:31.71

I had about 40 min after the 100 free, so had a little time to recover. but my body was really spent after that 1500. I did 300 yards in the warm-up pool in there, and ate a protein bar.
my biggest fear was diving off the blocks and doing a bunch of dolphin kicks. so I kept telling myself, breaststroke, breaststroke...
I was seeded in the middle of the pool, lane 5, but there were sandbaggers all around me.
I held with the crowd through the 50, but then again I suffered on the back end. about the 80m mark I realized I wasn't getting that much from my I tried to really crank up the speed, which helped. I'll have to do more of that next time. I think I'm just used to holding a steady time for the 200 breast.

Event 6: 400m Freestyle
seed time: 5:45
last swim (way back in 2002): 5:55
today's result: 5:37

I had another 20 min or so between events, got in a nice long 400 yards in the warm-up pool, drank plenty. I knew this was my last real event (not counting relays)

I was in lane 7, the guy in lane 8 was seeded 6:00, and the gal in lane 6 5:30 (she finished closer to 5:15). but my real competition was a guy I usually swim with, who was way over in lane 1.
I really just tried to hold a steady pace for the first 300. at that point, I was definitely feeling the warm water, and my 1500. I wasn't paying attention to those near me, they weren't that close. but after I turned at 350, I looked across the pool, to see that guy from workout (he had a black jammer with white stripes down the side, easy to spot). he gave me a good target to try to catch, I pushed and pushed that last 50...but came up short. he finished in 5:34. but he also only did the 100/400.

got in a really nice 400 yards in the warm-up pool.

Event 10: Men's Freestyle Relay

I can't even remember the last time I had done relays at a meet, I think back when I did SCY nationals in 2003.
anyway, throughout the morning I kept hearing from others, "I saw you're in a relay with me." I finally got to meet Jason Walters, we were on this relay together.
so I was the leadoff, I think my time was a 33ish (was 34 by the time I looked at the clock).
I got out, took off my goggles, and was standing on the bulkhead waiting. suddenly I noticed the #3 guy coming at me, with no one else there to go. a gal in the warm-up pool said, "I guess you're swimming 2 legs!" so I threw my goggles back on, jumped up on the block, and did the final 50 also (no idea on time, I'm sure it wasn't nearly as good). it was either that or get the guy who did #3 to do a 100... I did give the guy who spaced out and skipped a majorly hard time and told him he owes me.
on the plus side, at least I didn't have to deal with walking on the hot deck without my shoes.
(so another 100m)

Event 11: Mixed Freestyle Relay

I verified we had everyone we were supposed to for this relay
again I was leadoff, but by this time my whole body was starting to shut down. I'd guess I'm lucky if I did a 36.

I hung out down near the bulkhead, hoping the official would let us swim down a bit (this was the last)...and they did. So again I didn't have to deal with the hot deck and no shoes.

got in a nice 250m w/d
(so 300m)

Totals for the day:
1000 yards

Overall, an interesting twist. maybe I should just give up on shorter stuff and focus on 400/800/1500, I seem to be better suited to those. but then I'd feel like I'm not getting my money's worth from the meet...
and I think I've learned my lesson. if I ever do back-to-back events again, especially if one is the 1500, I'm copping out an NT seed to get some rest.

I'm planning to ride in the morning, probably similar to what I did 2 weeks ago, maybe shorter (I did 64 miles then). then show up at Kino for the medley relays (Paul told me he's putting me on breast legs for both the men's and mixed).

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  1. rxleakem's Avatar
    Great swims, Tim! Your training has seemed to favor some more mid-d/d fast swims, and it showed today.
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice going Tim. Great swimming!
  3. tjrpatt's Avatar
    I think that your 1500 time would have made TT in my age group. Nice going. You swam a 1500 and 400. I think that you got your money's worth with that much swimming.
  4. eric.carlson's Avatar
    Nice swims Tim, congratulations!
  5. aztimm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tjrpatt
    I think that your 1500 time would have made TT in my age group. Nice going. You swam a 1500 and 400. I think that you got your money's worth with that much swimming.
    Interesting. Too bad I didn't swim this event when I was younger, maybe I'd have hit TT.

    Given my current age group, I'd say the only way I'd hit TT is if only 9 others swim it.
  6. aztimm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rxleakem
    Great swims, Tim! Your training has seemed to favor some more mid-d/d fast swims, and it showed today.
    Thanks, and thanks to everyone else too!

    Yes, I definitely prefer longer swims, especially if swimming LCM. I'm probably doing a 10k swim in Sep, so trying to build up for it.