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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 08/06/12:

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by , August 6th, 2012 at 10:29 PM (1262 Views)
Well, I guess the following qualifies as drylands, so that is what I am calling it.

Modified aerobic deadlift/shoulder press:
- 40# x 100 reps
- 2 sets: each lasting ~ 30 minutes
- 15 minutes between sets.



Today was the annual "move the pellets from the driveway to the basement through the bulkhead" day! This year we moved 4 tons total, or 200 x #40 bags, by setting up two folding tables as a ramp over the steps then using a large piece of cardboard that allowed the bags to slide over to the pallets. My son and a kid from the neighborhood manned the topside of the operation, taking turns sending the bags down to me. That meant that I had the fun job of picking up each bag from the ground and restacking them all. It worked really smoothly, and only had one blowout this year (as opposed to 15 or so casualties previously). Works well (pellets are dry and more easily accessible) and I can get the kids to help bring pellets up to the stove.

I premedicated with Ibuprofen and will redose shortly and I treated everyone to pizza, including buying our neighbor his own pie to bring home. Then my son and I did some outside chores before I built some herb shelves into the kitchen windows and finished framing the bathroom mirror (stuff my wife asked for me to get done before they get home on Saturday). Mission complete!

Speaking to the mission, the girls are holding up. I spoke to my daughter for about twenty minutes on Sunday before I went to the nursing home service, and she was excited that the team was able to see a cheetah on their safari in the Masai Mara reserve. They saw many of God's creatures (except the elephant) and enjoyed a time of bonding between medical clinics. My wife has a respirtatory/sinus infection but is resting (one team member has confirmed malaria). This week they are holding clinic in the Dandora slum outside of Nairobi - Emma was really shocked when she sent me a quick text today. Google some images and it'll blow you away. Lots of hurting people there, and in addition to the medical care the team is able to offer spiritual care by telling patients about God's love for them.

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  1. GregJS's Avatar
    Ryan Lochte would be impressed with that dryland workout! At bakeries, flour and sugar come in 50# bags, but I've never needed to schlep more than 8-10 on delivery days.

    I hope the respiratory/sinus infection isn't too bad - but considering what else she could've gotten over there, she's probably getting off easy.

    May many people be comforted by her and your daughter's care and presence.
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks, Greg! I hadn't thought about offering this little ditty to Lochte, but I might think about that for next year since I can use all the help I can get! haha

    The girls are holding up well, all things considered. More in a blog coming your way shortly.