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That's "High Volume Training Maui Channel Swim Style" for those without the secret decoder ring.

Since I have not blogged since March, let me catch you up on my training. I have not done any serious training since March, but my stroke has changed considerably.

Based on the feedback from Coach Mike and Dr G at the WCM Camp, I really started to work on catching earlier and accelerating through my stroke, the key suggestion to accomplish that being to rotate more through the shoulders to the hips. The rotation was critical, allowing me to get in an arm position that allowed EVF and shift much of the pulling workload to larger back muscle from the shoulders and arms. On the negative side, I don't think this will do anything to help my sprint speed. Working on this was about 2-3 months focused on drills (aka, goofing off while everyone got ready for two Nationals) and maybe 6 weeks of building some endurance back.

On to the set! I was reading pwb's blog and saw his horrendous set ideas (50x100s, 25x200s, 10x500s) and thought, 10x500s is incredibly boring, that is probably a good set to do before swimming between islands.


But now I had the idea of doing something incredibly boring as preparation for a swim that is a relay with six people where everyone starts with a 30 minute leg, then does 10 minute legs until they finish. My rough guess is our relay will take about 6 hours, which works out to a 30 minute leg and 3x10 minute legs each. Sounds like a set to me.

No warm up (although I get to swim to Lanai from the boat, so maybe I should have done one)
Main Set #1
- 30 minute swim - 2200 SCM
Main Set #2 (repeat 3 times)
- 100 back ez
- 10 minute swim - 750 SCM
Cool Down
- 100 back ez

In the real relay, I will have 2.5 hours rest after the 30 minute swim (I am leading off) and 50 minutes between each 10 minute swim, but I think a 100 ez back is close enough for simulation purposes. Mild foot cramp in the last 10 minute swim so I don't think I had another 10 minute swim in me. I feel pretty good, but I am not in the aerobic shape I was in the fall of last year. That was a harder longer swim than anything since March. My preparation for the Waikiki Roughwater last year much more serious.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Cool. I'm going to be doing a lot more of that kind of stuff over the next 4-6 weeks. Hopefully, when I come back to blog tonight, I'll be able to say I did the 50 x100.
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pwb
    Hopefully, when I come back to blog tonight, I'll be able to say I did the 50 x100.
    Hopefully on 1:10