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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 08/20/12:

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by , August 20th, 2012 at 06:41 PM (1000 Views)
Very short session of drylands this afternoon with my son:

Rowing machine: 15:08, 3703 meters

2 sets of 10 seated leg press with calf raise (170,190)
2 sets of 10 bench press (65,115)
2 sets of back extension thingys
1 set of 6 cheatingdips(60)

Some foam rolling and tennis ball torture still to come.

Quick workout as I picked up my new glasses and needed to get my daughter after work. Better then nothing. Off to Bible Study with the mens group in a bit.

Here is link to my Facebook album with pictures from the Bennington Battle Day Parade yesterday. We have some cool parades in my town.

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