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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 09/20/12: noon

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by , September 20th, 2012 at 02:47 PM (1241 Views)
Did some followed by a brief swim:

Rowing Machine: 15:07, 3529 meters
(Note: they physically move under 1:55m/500 pace)
Back extensions: 3 x 10 @ 0/5/10# per round
Bench Press: 3 x 10 @ 65/95/105# per round
Seated leg extensions: 3 x 10 @ 30/40/50# per round

After a quick talk with the director and auatics director of the Rec related to upcoming changes to the local Masters program as well as thoughts about the "new" pool, I gingerly hopped in and ...

Kick with board: 150yds flutter
Kick w/o board: 150yds back
Swim 300 yds long and strong
(Solo/Rec/600yds/15 min)

Made the trip to Philly and back yesterday to drop Emma off to school at Drexel. Thankfully no major issues on the road or there - they actually had a very streamlined process for checking into the dorms (with street closures and free garage parking), so that was good. Left the house at 8am, got to Philly around 1pm, then left at 5 and got home around 11pm. Long day!

(Life, packed away before entering the dorm)

Was able to meet her roommates and also get all of her books as well as some odds and ends for the dorm room before a quick bite there. It was hard leaving her there, but I trust that this is where God wants her to be, and He has equipped her with all the tools to do good things there, both in the classroom and out. I am blessed with a tenderhearted young lady who is a lot more adventurous than me, and I am waiting to see all that she experiences there. It'll be different around here; lonely.

I was able to sleep in this morning, and after a quick breakfast headed out the vineyard to start the grape processing for the year. As you may recall, we have about 50 feet of Concord vines in the back yard, and I am the chief jelly maker in the house. My attempt at last year was not completely successful, partly due to not using enough grapes. We have a bumper crop again this year, and we are processing jelly/juice earlier than normal so I'll give the wine another shot after the jelly is done. It didn't help that I forgot about it in the basement and never took the must off.

Plan to get back into the water a bit later this evening for a good workout - I ate at Five Guys on the way home last night so I feel the need to work off some of that lumper of a supper I had (anyone have an extra Lipitor to send my way?).

(*This meal is approved by James Adams)

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    (*This meal is approved by James Adams)
    100% - now where do I get my hands on this to try it?
  2. That Guy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jaadams1
    100% - now where do I get my hands on this to try it?
    Um, I think rxleakem already ate it
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by That Guy
    Um, I think rxleakem already ate it
    Yup. Only a memory now ...
  4. GregJS's Avatar
    Mmmm - looks good!