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Sunday 09302012 workouts

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by , October 1st, 2012 at 01:14 AM (59 Views)
went out for a really nice spin this morning:

Another ATM 79.63 mi 04:20 18.4mph pace

Didn't have anyone to ride with today so I set off alone for another Around the Mountain. Saw one guy on Maricopa Rd just before Riggs, but otherwise didn't see another cyclist until I hit Central/Dobbins. Riggs wasn't too bad, but it really is tough to push it when I'm all alone. Went into South Mountain Park, up to the Saddle and a little past, then did San Juan. As I was leaving I caught some other groups and rode with them mostly up to Guad/Kyrene. Took Guad to Dobson like last time, and kinda like that route back now. Mid 70s and dark at the start, mid 80s and sunny when I finished. A persistent wind prevailed most of the time. I think this is my longest ride to date (now over 3000 miles on my Tarmac)

this was my longest ride yet, only by about 2 miles.

Sep total: 684.5 miles
YTD: 3860.5 miles

I certainly didn't know 6 or so months ago that I'd have cycled this much this year.

pretty much just vegged on the couch most of the day, trying to get caught up on watching Homeland. Still have 6 episodes to go, and the new season starts tonight. I'll be trying to get caught up over the next few weeks.

later today I went over to the Chanlder 24 Hour Fitness for a mostly recovery swim:

600 w/u

6 x 100 kick w/fins + board
--odds flutter
--evens dolphin
--all with 3/4/5/6 underwater dolphin kicks off of the walls

2 x 100 swim w/fins, done as:
--75 free w/3/4/5 underwater dolphin kicks off of the walls
--after a ~10 sec rest, 25 fly (about 8 underwater dolphin kicks)

100 easy

4 x 200 pull w/paddles + buoy

200 w/d

TTL: 2500 yards

the water felt so nice and cool, really great on my sore legs. that warmup was so nice.

I debated if I wanted to kick, or use fins that much, but my legs seemed to hold up fine. I'm gradually getting used to doing at least a little fly.

the pulling felt pretty good. but I was feeling some of my lifting from Friday.

I'm still about 5 miles ahead of my GTD goal, which is really nice. I should be back to normal for the next few weeks at least, so that should hopefully increase.

Sep total: 31.56 miles
YTD: 380.39 miles

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