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Tuesday 10022012 workouts

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by , October 3rd, 2012 at 01:07 AM (59 Views)
went out for a nice little spin this morning:

Home to Ahwatukee w/hill loop 51.14 mi 02:41 19.0mph pace

Just amazing weather this morning, almost felt chilly when I started my ride. It was dark, I used my headlamp (the rear blinkie is on most of the time), and made my way over QC to Ahwatukee. I hadn't done a full hill loop for a while, so I decided to do a clockwise one. Felt pretty good, until I got passed going downhill--by a guy on a mountain bike. Anyway, did my usual pit stop at the Sheraton before heading home. Fantastic weather--sunny (once the sun was up), start in mid 60s, finish 70, although a little windy.

after work I went up to Mesa-Kino for the PM masters swim workout
we were at the end of the main pool (SCY)
Zach coached

got in 500 w/u choice

main set:
25 easy
50 fast
75 easy
100 fast
125 easy
150 fast
175 easy
200 fast
200 easy
175 fast
150 easy
125 fast (did breast)
100 easy
75 fast (did back)
50 easy
25 fast (did fly from the block)

300, choice of kick or pull
did kick, on back, w/fins, 50 dolphin/50 flutter

100 easy w/d

TTL: 2700 yards

we started the set with intervals @ :45 per 25 yards. when he first said it, I knew it was too much rest.
but starting with the 200 easy, we switched to :35 per 25 which was a bit more reasonable

I did the whole way up freestyle. it got kind of boring, so on the way down I started to mix in stroke on the easy ones, then just did the breast/back/fly at the end. I figured I could always use a 25 fly to prep for a future 100 IM.

my biceps and back felt unusually sore, probably from weights last night. between that and my legs after riding this morning, I really appreciated the cool water.
speaking of cool water, most others were complaining that it was too cold, but I was fine with it.

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