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Thursday 10042012 workouts

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by , October 5th, 2012 at 01:08 AM (64 Views)
after yesterday's mile swim, I woke up a bit sore this morning. I went out for my ride this morning and was pleasantly surprised:

Home to Ahwatukee w/hill loop 47.35 mi 02:32 18.7mph pace

Think I got a later start this morning, the sun seemed to come up much earlier than normal in my ride. By the time I got to 40th St/Pecos, it was already bright. I paused there, considering if I wanted to go into Ahwatukee, when I triathlete passed me. I decided to follow him, and ended up just behind him all the way to Desert Foothills/Chandler. We chatted a little, I asked if he was doing the loop, he said yes, so I figured I should too. I really hate the Chandler hill from the west, but maybe if I keep doing it I won't hate it so much. Was running late, so skipped the Sheraton bit this morning. Great weather--65-75F, nice and sunny, but a little windy.

amazing how following someone else can really make a big difference, in my whole ride.

after work today I went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim:

warm-up: 2 x through
200 free
50 breast

kick set: 4 x through
50 free w/fins + board
50 fly w/fins + board
50 breast w/board

100 easy free
100 easy breast

main set: (use everything from my gear bag)
2 x through
200 pull w/paddles + buoy
2 x 100 breast, swim w/breaststroke fins
2 x 100, swim w/free fins. 75 free, wait ~10 sec, 25 fly
50 easy free (no gear)
4 x 50 breast, desc 1-4 (1-3 w/fingertip paddles)

200 w/d

TTL: 3200 yards

felt good to get in the pool and the water was nice and cool
but unfortunately I left my water bottle in my car. after I warmed up, I was looking around on deck for it...then realized what happened, and I wasn't about to go out and get it at that point.

for the kick set, it was mostly straight through, with some minimal breaks while I took fins off/put them on

as anyone who's swum with me may know, I carry around a mesh bag filled with all kinds of toys. most of the time I don't even open the bag at workouts, I just swim the whole thing, or maybe use a kickboard from the pool. well today I emptied the bag out and lined everything up on deck at the end of my lane. it was an interesting way to mix things up and use all the stuff at the same time.

I finally remembered to call and I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow afternoon
this is with the same woman I went to back in May. she's no taller than 5'2" and I'd guess weighs no more than 90#, but she packed quite a punch. I did put some gym stuff together, but I'm not counting on going after that.

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