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Summer's over

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by , October 5th, 2012 at 11:23 AM (1420 Views)
Well as usual after summer ends I tend to restart my blog and I've had a decent month of September except for some minor knee strain that stemmed from rolling my ankle down a pothole on July 4th,,,no it was a race not a drinking accident. Today I modified this from Fort's Workouts Thread...


Warm up:

400 FR
4 x 50 Fin Kick Under-overs at 1:15
1 x 100 EZ
1 x 200 Fin Kick W/board
1 x 100 EZ

Main Sets:

8 x 25 burst + cruise @ 1:00
1 x 100 EZ

4 x 50 AFAP w/fins, on 2:00
100 EZ
Best was a :29 worst a :32
Master's Minute or 2

30 x 25 @ :35/:40/:45
-- pick goal time, which should be 100 race pace
-- when you miss your goal time, skip the next rep
I set :17 as a goal since it was after some hard sprints and I went on :40. I posted 14s to 17s but with 2 analogue clocks the sync may not have been quite on. Regardless I found it tough going at reps 17-22 but then it got easier again.

1 x 200 EZ

Total: 3000

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