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Friday, Oct. 5

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Swim/SCY w/Speedo aka Moi Eisley:

Warm up:

-- missed some of this cuz I strolled in a bit late

500 various
8 x 25 shooters
50 EZ

Main Sets:

10 x 25 drag races shooters @ 1:00
-- start @ mid-pool, from dead stop dolphin kick underwater fast to wall, swim back out easy
-- 6 back, 4 belly
-- Speedo was clearly cheating on these by doing a mini push off the bottom!
MUM (= masters ultra minute for sprinters)

100 EZ

5 x (25 AFAP + 75 EZ) with w/fins @ 3:00
-- free (10 low), free (10 high), free (10 mid), back shooter (9), dolphin kick w/board (11 flat)

50 EZ

50 AFAP back from the blocks
-- Speed clocked me at 28 flat. But I went a couple kicks past the 15 m mark, so I add half a second. Still a fast practice time considering the week of training and how sore I was.

150 EZ

5 x 40 w/bungee cordz @ 2:00
2 breast: pull until taut + 10 fast strokes
2 back: pull until taut + 30 strong strokes
1 back flutter kick: pull until taut + :20 fast kicking

100 EZ

Total: 2250

ART, 30 min


It was great meeting up with Speedo after a bike induced break despite him being a cheater. I figure his stiff ankles needed a handicap.

I'm pretty sore and tired after a busy week of training. 6 days in a row of swimming. Definitely taking tomorrow off. Busy with Lil Fort's am soccer game and afternoon swim meet anyway. And then it's Homecoming again. This year, we had a dress debacle with a dress ordered over the internet not fitting. Imagine that and guess who told Teen Fort this was a bad idea. Emergency was happily resolved yesterday afternoon.

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