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maybe im crazy.

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But I want to go 52 in the 100 fly. My best time in highschool as a junior was a 1.00.14. Obviously I dont think that is the best I can do. I wasn't training right, actually I was training a lot of distance, wasnt eating properly and didn't have all the advantages of being an adult. So we'll see how close we are next weekend at my next meet on October 20th. I'm hoping I go a .58 next weekend but I do understand that may be a bit ambitious.... Today in practice I did repetitive 25s on 14 in practice and then three 13s, which until today I thought was impossible. I think throughtout my practice I did like 12 25's, besides the pulling 200s in between. I am still sore from yesterdays 10x 75s sprint, 11x 50s fly and 12x 25s fly with 3 25s off the block. My next goal is to maintain .13s fly and hit 12!!!!!!! I can do it!

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    52?! Yikes that's crazy fast.

    Welcome back to swimming! Masters is so much better than age group swimming. And you can train smart instead of all that D work.