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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Oct 17th 2012 - What has it done for me?

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by , October 18th, 2012 at 12:29 AM (2748 Views)
When I was very young, about 4, I remember a sleeper wave knocking me down and pulling me out into the surf. The sea was forgiving or deliberate and deposited me back on shore, somehow I knew to hold my breath and deal with it. Since then I have had a relationship with water that has lasted me a lifetime. I continue to learn and grow and the water always seems to be a central part of who I am, besides the 70%.

Swimming. What has it done? Besides accelerating the natural wrinkling process of aging, swimming has got me toned and in shape, I left Aquasol in July 2012 and started with a weight lifting program that is concentrating on muscle mass and strength. Since my last negative post, I thought I would post something positive. I am getting stronger, people are noticing my muscle mass increasing a bit and I've turned the persistent body fat into lean muscle. I still have the motivation to swim fast so I swim one to two times a week at local drop-in lap swims.

I represent the obscure faces in the crowd who never got into the top ten, twenty or anything, who look forward to a workout because it something healthy to do and at the very least is keeping my cardio vascular systems in top shape. I gave up on being a competitive swimmer for now, because I just wanted to be in the race, not just a having fun participant. I have decided on strength goals and when I hit them, like 30 pull-ups and 10x200lb. wide grip pull downs, (Im at 8 pull ups and 2x10x140lb now) I will start timing my 50s and 100s to see where Im at, then Ill see about a meet. My swims are more about technique and are done at a moderate pace.

Although I really miss Coach Janine and Coach Steve and my lane buddies at Aquasol Masters, I know that if I return, I will be able to look at the clock and feel good about the swim. Otherwise I would be just a lap swimmer, which I am now, but nobodys keeping up with me. Its amazing how many people look like shark bait in the water, but I used to be there too.

The moral is dont give up, adapt, change it up, cross-train and keep the dream alive, even if its just to swim a 100 free in :52, or a 100 Fly in :58then youll be in the race, that is, I hope to be in that race. I can say that the journey so far has been awesome, my health has changed and its been worth every workout and every struggle. I thank God for that

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