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turning bright red lol

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Lately in practice I have been turning red... and its in my hands and arms lol. I'm not sure if its because I havent been eating great this past week or because of getting back into shape after a week off, I dont know lol.

Todays practice with the masters team was:

500 free warmup (4th lap back)
8 x 50 (evens fly drill, odds free 3 stroke, 8 kick)
6x 50 (1 lap under, 1 lap above)
8 x 50 choice (i did all fly) on .50
400 free (i was dyinggggg) on 5.30
6 x 50 choice ( i did fly) on .50
300 free ( once again i was dyinggg) on ?
4 x 50 fly on .50
200 free
2x 50 fly on .50
and then 2x 25s race fly off the blocks

then 100 warmdown (yeah I need to do more)

This got my blood pumping. Its funny because on my own I will do more distance work, more pull and I might say ehhh what do I need the team practice for, but honestly I have loved joining this team so much. It keeps me doing intervals, burning, and I love the people. Its awesome. I seriously love my Ocean County YMCA Masters team, so thankful I live near a team like this!

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    It's so nice to be able to practice with a team. That's one reason I got started swimming with the local USAS team this year. I was swimming with a masters team, or should I say swam "alongside them" during their practice. I just had a hard time doing workouts on my own day after day, even at lap swims at the YMCA. I'm having so much more fun with the team environment, even though the practices are kicking my butt!

    Just give it a little time, I'm sure you're body is just acclimating to it's new workout that you're restarting now with the swimming. After a couple of months, you'll be asking for more!
  2. ekw's Avatar
    I swim on my own, not exactly by choice since there aren't any well organized masters teams with regular practices here. I guess there used to be one affiliated with the one USA-S team in town but it seems to have fizzled.

    There are things I like about swimming alone, like having my own lane and having total control over my workout, but I would definitely be more motivated if I were being held accountable. Also, I don't really know what I'm doing with workouts and I'm sure there are much more effective things I could be doing.

    We are in the process of organizing a masters club at my university, but we won't be doing organized practices at the start. But it will be a lot more fun to know people at the meets and be able to do relays.

    Even if there were an organized team in town, I probably wouldn't do it right now because the Rec at the university costs me $10 a month as faculty, and it is a palace. (The pool isn't the greatest but it's not terrible, and the cardio theater, weights, classes, rock wall, etc. are awesome. There are actually two pools and the outdoor goof off pool does a pretty good job of keeping the "real" pool for us serious people. ) I really couldn't justify spending more per month at this point while I have other things to pay off.