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Team hot or cold water....?

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by , November 14th, 2012 at 03:09 PM (1728 Views)
SO the past three days, I have made my poor husband come to the Y pool with me, which has been insanely busy with highschool teams, the club team...(you pretty much have to go in the morning otherwise you end up sharing a lane of a 12 lane pool with three other people but he doesnt have that option). Since Hurricane Sandy he has been working 16 hour days putting peoples power back on, and the last thing he probably wanted to do was get in the pool when he only had a few hours to sleep, but bc I havent seen him much I gave him a puppy dog face and he came with and both times he thanked me lol. So because of the pool being so busy this time of year we had a choice of either sharing one lane in the cold pool or one lane in the hot pool, with other people. Its crazy. We spent two practices in the hot pool and it was pretty nice not to be freezing my butt of. These are the times when I wish I lived somewhere really warm like Florida or California, at least I can reminisce to college days when swimming in an outdoor sunny pool was how I spent a lunch. Getting out of bed is hard in these temps! Brrrr. But the question that really came to my mind, was which type of temperature is better for training over time? I would assume warm, because it loosens your muscles etc. but then again one gets really hot and constantly has to hydrate. Hmmm..... Not important, just made me think.

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    Team cold! I hate swimming in hot water - I over heat, I get nauseated, I turn red and then purple... Nothing worse than trying to do a distance set in a bathtub.
  2. Colleen Marais's Avatar
    Haha very true!