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Humor and friendship help meeting goals

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by , November 16th, 2012 at 12:46 PM (1521 Views)
So I watch way too much BRAVO tv, Real Housewives all of that. At the end of every practice that I do with my husband, we usually do around 12 x 25s fly sprint.

He goes ten seconds ahead of me, and then lets me know what my time is. When I touch the wall he will tell me my time and if anyone were sitting near us they would probably be laughing their head off because we sound like an old bickering couple. It usually goes like this:

Kyle: "Ok 13. Good."...."Mid 13"
Me: "What do you mean?? Was it 13 or really 14? Are you lying to try to boost my confidence? My coach used to pull that, dont do that, I have to improve" ( 25)
Kyle: "ok you were almost at 12....but you hit on the 13..."
Waa Waa Waa etc. LOL.

So lately my new thing, to add humor to our 25s, is when I touch the wall, he can say a certain word when I touch depending on the time. This pretty much makes both of us choke on water at the wall with laughter. Our scale goes like this. So for a 25 fly, a 13 is greattttt. A 12 is fabulousssss. An 11 would be excellenttttttt. Now you have to imagine these words drawn out in a really hilarious over the top manner... thats where imitating characters like some of the housewives from reality shows on BRAVO comes in, really over the top. Anyways, these sorts of things do make me laugh when I'm about to do a sprint,and having fun while swimming, and having humor about it makes it worthwhile.

I have been doing consistent 13s now. A month or so ago I was doing 14-15s. So my goal is to start hitting 12s. My ultimate life goal is 11s and I would be a happy camper.

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    You're doing these from a push? I'm impressed!