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After a long rest

Week 9 - IM death

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So Wednesday's are IM workouts which by itself is no problem. Today however I was whooped, two main sets and I hurt in both.

400 free
6x50 catchup drill on 50
5x100 kick on 1.50

Main Set

2 x 400IM straight on 6.30, 4x50 stroke drill on 1min, 200 IM on 3.00. Despite feeling bad I got quite a lot of rest on the 400s and 200s. I worked on back and breast drills on 50s.

100 easy

Second main set
9x100 broken into sets of 3, 2x100 on 1.10 1x100 on 1.30, ranged from 1.05-1.10 and really hurt

Warm down
100 easy

3900 total

We discussed doing relays as well as individual events at Nationals. Just need to convince a few people and we will have men, woman and 2 mixed relays in Indy. Should be a bunch of fun!!!

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Updated December 14th, 2012 at 06:33 PM by StewartACarroll

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