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Meet 12/08-09/2012: NEM SCM Champs

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Just back from another great weekend of racing in Boston at the New England Masters scm championships. I really like the Boston University pool, even though I spent a lot of time in the outside lanes. Ahh, OUTSIDE SMOKE! (there was some inside at the hotel, you'll get there if you keep reading).

Here is what I entered and how I did (seed times were either PB or "I think I should be able do this time." I'll update splits another night:

06 100 SCM IM 1:11.62
went 1:08.31
(30.11, 38.20)
- Strong fly and back, felt like I didn't lose ground on the breast, then sprinted home. Felt really good. This one gets a

08 200 SCM Breast 3:13.31
went 3:13.68
(43.84, 49.72[1:33.56], 50.03, 50.09[1:40.12])
- Gridge #1 of the day - I was one person shy of swimming with AZTimm, and he beat me, as expected
- Race was good; I had to choose at the 100 if I was going to really start hammering or not, and I really didn't, opting to continue another 50 of "ride the glide." Happy with the time.

12 200 SCM Back 2:24.82
went 2:21.68
(34.19, 35.44[1:09.63], 36.01, 36.04[1:12.05])
- Super duper psyched with this swim. I put a lot of effort into working the underwaters more and staying in control for the first 100, then hitting the accelerator. My wife taped it - my left hand is doing something funny on entry, so I need to address that. Slipped on the wall at 125, and I probably don't have to remind everyone that this event is perhaps the most painful of all since it is so kick-driven. My quads were screaming the whole rest of the meet, but I loved the pain.

18 50 SCM Fly 0:31.20
went 29.49
- Mimicked Fort (not really duplicated since I don't think she swam it) and blasted the underwaters. Popped up a few meters shy of the yellow line going out, and took 10 SDK's off the wall on the way home. This was a really fast time for me.

20 200 SCM Free 2:14.30
went 2:12.98
(31.01, 35.15[1:06.16], 34.45, 32.37[1:06.82])
- Another fast swim with a slightly altered strategy from my normal 200. Felt strong on the front half but need to really start grinding it out earlier in the second half.

Day 1 done (flogged 1350 meters and 1500 yards), and off to dinner with my wife, son, SwimStud, Fortress, and AZTimm at a Mexican place across the street from the pool. Glad the day ended somewhat early as the joint was hopping when we left. Excellent dinner and conversation, although I have to say that chicken chimichangas are off the menu during weekend meets from now on, I don't want to repeat the gut rot anytime soon.

Got to the hotel shortly (didn't stay at meet hotel, but found another one close to Fenway that had breakfast) after 6pm, so lots of time to relax. Was debating on taking an Ambien to help sleep and I was pretty wiped out so fell asleep by 9:30ish on my own. Good thing, as right before 3am the fire alarm went off. First time in a hotel that this has happened, apparantly due to some people smoking pot a few floors above us. Left most of my stuff in the room (save goggles and suit in case save a reply of Backdraft loomed), and around 3:45 we got the all clear to leave the lobby and go back upstairs. Finally got back to bed closer to 5 and up at 7:30.

Back at the pool for Day 2, my aunt Pat came down to sit in the sauna on her day off. I see her a few times a year, and just like when we were kids she makes a point to be a cheerleader for us. <3

30 400 SCM Free 4:45.57
went 4:43.83
(31.85, 35.02[1:06.87], 36.05, 36.54[1:12.59,2:19.46],
36.79, 36.62[1:13.41], 36.50, 34.46[1:10.96,2:24.37])
- This was gridge number two, the five-way parlay looking for greatest time drop. That Guy, can you get the results posted for us? Q-brain was the winner I believe.
-Was 8 seconds faster than last year, and I felt in control. I am still weary of inflicting too much pain at this distance, and could have stepped it up a notch around the 225 mark, but didn't. The gridge (as always) really forced me to put a lot of effort into swimming faster than normal, so I am much obliged, gentlemen.
- I counted for Tim's great swim and he reciprocated the favor - thanks again, Tim.

34 100 SCM Free 1:00.43
went 58.22 (lane 10)
(28.34, 29.88)
- :fistpump: I wanted to get under 1 minute, and was surprised at a low 58. I went old school splitting on this: 25 strong (87%), 25 build, 25 SPRINT, 25 whatever is left. Worked out well; I don't mind the pain on the 100's.

38 50 SCM Back 0:31.15
went 30.64 (lane 10)
- So I thought that there were 10 heats, but there were actually 8. 7 was in the water and I was still farting around behind the blocks, then the timers shout my name and I to the water. The judge mentioned "worse than the 8 and unders", but I think he was talking about my start.
- with Fort - I SDK'd 12 going out and came up even closer to the yellow lines than yesterday's fly, slipped on the turn, SDK'd 10 and churned home. I think I won this gridge by two tenths of a second.
- Apparently in the warmdown lane I "cannonballed" SwimStud, as all of a sudden, in my weakened state, he grabbed my ankle and dunked me. Sorry Rich, but good times in the warmdown pool nonetheless.

44 200 SCM Fly 2:43.33
- Saturday night I was strongly trying to persuade myself to swim this wonderful event again, and after the "Cyprus Hill gathering" way past my bedtime I decided to skip it. I swam it a month ago in Maine, and I wanted to focus on my last event. Sorry to let the Butternuts among us down. :TargetShootingPracticeOpen:

48 100 SCM Back 1:07.75
went 1:05.76
(32.83, 32.93)
- This one gets a
- Reverted to old school 100 splitting again, and went 32.83, 32.93. Was able to keep my SDK's off the walls as planned (8,6,6,5) and although I jammed the first turn the final time was excellent.
(Flogged 2150m and 800yds)

So, nine swims and nine PB's (many multi-second drops), great times with my family as well as swimming friends (including ones not on the forums), first near missed swim and false fire alarm at the hotel, exceeeded max number of images in blog post and needed to edit, and dinner with ice cream from Friendly's on the three hour ride home. Can't wait for next year!

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Updated December 31st, 2012 at 05:02 PM by rxleakem

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
  2. rxleakem's Avatar

    Picture of the pool
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    I approve of all that focus on SDK! What a wonderful wonderful weekend of swimming and across so many different types of events. Was nice to meet the fam! Congrats!
  4. That Guy's Avatar
    I think this is all correct. Good job guys!

               Old     New     Diff
    qbrain   5:16.86 4:58.15 -18.71
    That Guy 4:42.30 4:27.76 -14.54
    rxleakem 4:51.57 4:43.83  -7.74
    aztimm   5:16.45 5:15.26  -1.19
    jaadams1 4:25.17 4:28.93  +3.76
    knelson  4:24.66 4:30.79  +6.13
  5. GregJS's Avatar
    Great swims! And thinking to grab your suit and goggles during a 3 am fire alarm demonstrates a rare kind of focus and dedication!
  6. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice swims! I especially like that 200 Back! We'll have to race a 200 Fly vs. 200 Back. I'll let you choose who swims which race.
  7. Karl_S's Avatar
    nine swims and nine PB's (many multi-second drops)
    wow, now that's a swim meet.
  8. ekw's Avatar
    Very nice!
  9. jbs's Avatar
    Great meet! Congrats on all the PB's!
  10. aztimm's Avatar
    Looks like you had a really great meet Mike! Congratulations on all those PB's

    Was nice to see you again, and meet your wife, son, and aunt. You'll have to send me some of the pictures they took...I have very few swimming pictures (especially compared with running and cycling).

    Too bad about the alarm... But things like that happen. While in NYC over the summer, it happened two nights in a row. The hotel gave me a bunch of points, enough for a night in NYC as compensation
  11. fdtotten's Avatar
    Wow - what a great meet! So many events and PBs. Congratulations many times over. The 100s and 200s are certainly your strength at this point due to your mental focus, strength, solid endurance and SDK development. If you ever decide to really go after a 400M swim (or 500scy) there is no doubt of even more significant unrealized potential PB as well. Perhaps this coming year you will take your OW Swimming to a whole new level.
  12. Speedo's Avatar
    Wow- nice job with events all over the board. Congrats!
  13. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks, everyone, for the kind thoughts. I also crossed the 250 mile mark, my goal for the GTD this year, at the meet with all that warming up and down!

    It it really fun for me to have the forum connection at meets since often I am swimming solo, and I had a blast at supper Saturday night. SwimStud did a great job encouraging my on the 100 back, and it is a joy to watch Fort skim through the water.

    Tim, once Lena gets the pics uploaded I'll get them to you (I'll try to snag some before she starts to edit them; they disappear quickly at that point!). You had some great swims this weekend! I'm going to have to get down to AZ sometime to swim with you.

    Greg, I made a joke that perhaps Phelps was at our hotel with all that happened! Funny the things you think about when you have to make a quick decision like that - some guy was only in his underwear!

    With a long work week, I can rest a bit and not worry about swimming too much. Back at it next week.