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Bummer from the summer!

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by , December 11th, 2012 at 08:19 PM (1215 Views)
Well I've been absent from the blogs since October. If you haven't heard, I managed to tear my meniscus somehow or at least the tear became a problem in the late summer. Backing off, and resting/icing didn't work as I kept getting pain and I had a trim on Nov 15.

It all went well and I went to BU to swim in NEM SCM Champs this past weekend. I was not at my best times but considering last years time I don't look too far off YOY. Last year I felt I didn't want to race, this year I did, but a bit of a layoff and rest up over thanksgiving left me with a rather tight-fitting suit jacket and some apprehension about entering the meet.
However, by Dec1 I feltI'd had a very rapid recovery to about 85-90% and entered. To save my psyche I ditched all BR events so as not to have a bad time hanging over me for a year or more importantly to rush the recovery. I want to swim fast Breaststroke I am prepared to be patient in my rehab and strengthening.
All things considered; the knee, lack of fitness, lack of race practice and an abundance of body hair...I felt I did OK. I didn't hurt myself and I had a great time. My times were what they were. I even debuted with a competitive 100 Backstroke and did my first SCM 50 to give me events to swim.

When I got home I looked up last year's times and I think I did pretty well by comparison.
50 FR 31.58
100 FR 1:11.1
50 FL 36.04
50 FR 32.18
100 FR 1:11.22
50 FL 35.21

Not bad at all...especially since I didn't have a valid excuse last year, and then had a great SCY season.

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