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Fat Blasting...

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by , December 13th, 2012 at 01:01 PM (1155 Views)
Cardio/FatBurn...working off the surplus baggage I acquired whilst sitting about through thanksgiving...I didn't eat that much...honest...

I jammed in a solid 16 mins on the bike HR around 130-140. Then hopped to the elliptical and did another 16 mins around 130-150.
Wore a knee support to help the situation out but everything is fine.
Afterward I hid the mat for core work.

2 times thru:
30 x Plank Kick Backs
2 x 15 (L&R) Glute-side raises
:30 Core Twist on ball
12 lower-back hyper extensions over ball
15 lower-back leg raises over ball

Thinking about enrolling in self-defence classes...I'm fearful of jealous husbands attacking me...need to be prepared.

Off to PT...which is likely ending today or next Tuesday.

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