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After a long rest

Week 10 - Sprint

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I had a great workout today despite once again feeling pretty sluggish during the warm up. We sort of jumped into some quick stuff after a leisurely warmup. Loved the bungee chord work at the end. I always enjoyed this during taper and quality before NCAA and still enjoyed it. Its always great fun to do a 25 in under 8 seconds.

Warm up
400 free
6x50 catchup
6x100 free on 1.20, held 1.07

Main Set
4x100 IM's holding best average on 1.30, went 1.15, 1.14, 1.13, 1.11(fly still sucked)
12x25 with flippers on 40 all out, and then treat water with arms crossed.
10x50 free on 35, held 33's

100 easy

8x25's on bungey chords all out
100 easy

Total 3000 yds

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