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After a long rest

Week 11 - Visiting UT(Day1)

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I had a great workout this morning. I am vsiting Austin with work and arranged to train with UT masters. The program at UT is incredible, really nice guys and gals, great coach and of course unbelievable facility. Of course I show up on a stroke day, so lots of non typical stuff for me, like an all out 100 breast. Overall I really enjoyed the workout and such an inspiring group.

Warm up
400(75 free, 25 fly)
400(75 pull, 25 back)
400(75 free, 25 breast)

Main set
10x50 25 fly, 25 back best average on 1min
100 easy
10x50 25 back, 25 breast best average on 1min
100 easy
10x50 25 breast, 25 free best average on 1min
100 easy
10x50 free best average on 1min
100 easy

Warm down
300 easy

Total 4050

After the first 10x50 fly back, Whitney asked each of us(4 per lane) to pick a stroke, after each 100 easy the person whose stroke came up(IM order) went all out from the deck(except back of course). As the guest I went last on picking and was given free(which was great). All went to plan until just before the breast free set the breaststroker got out of the pool; so I ended up doing the breast 100 all out. When you see my breaststroke its obvious I am not a breast swimmer. I went about 1.18 which I was quite pleased with. I was given some really good advice by one of my lane mates about lacking a glide between my kick and pull. On the free 100 portion myself and Paul did 50 each and came in on 54. One of the younger guys went 48 from a push and was hardly breathing at the end(quite amazing).

My right shoulder is a little tight right now which I think came from my breast, since it hurts in a different spot than usual, but overall I felt good today. After seeing the guys and girls of all ages at UT masters and the quality of the swimming I am really inspired to continue this journey. Its always great when you are in the pool with national and world champions. I am really looking forward to going tomorrow when they apparently will be increasing yardage!

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