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After a long rest

Week 11 - Visiting UT(Day2)

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Another awesome workout. A different kind of fun with my first 6k+ workout since being back. I am very sore and very tired, but once again so glad I was allowed to swim with these guys.

Warm up
6x150 100 free, 50 IM
6x25 25 drill, 25 fast with 1 breath

Main set
4x(4x250 on 3mins, 4x75 IM order)

Warm down
300 easy

Total 6550

I may have missed a few lengths on set 3 and 4 but I kept going however I started to struggle after the second time through. I switched to paddles on number 3 and part of number 4 and made it but it was tough. Like yesterday the group is very inspiring and another step on my journey.

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    That main set looks like a killer! What were the 75s on? Any breaks between rounds?
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Yes this was a killer. I must admit the times on the 75s were the least of my problems. We had no rest between sets and the 75's were on a minute except the breast(I don't recall the breast times). On the 75's they were pretty much touch and go again. As much as possible i was using these as a catch my breath before going again on the 250s.

    Throughout the day I have stiffened up and the drive from Austin back to Dallas did not help so i plan on going to my teams workout this evening just to get a stretch swim in.