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by , December 20th, 2012 at 02:47 PM (272 Views)
SCM at club 1750

  • 15x 50m on 1:00 fr, gradually speed up
    • 39 strokes at 0:55 on first, 38 strokes at 0:45 on last
    • BR/L/R/BL
  • 10x 50m on 1:00 fr with snorkel
    • 38 - 39 strokes at 0:48 - 0:51
  • 20x 25m fr drill/fr drill/br/br order
Every muscle group sore from yesterday's session, especially chest, upper back, shins, and hamstrings. Needed to swim today though, to maintain whatever feel I may have for the water and to circulate built up pain-tabolites.

One note, at the end of November just prior to my state SCM meet I got sick (did have flu shot). Wasn't too bad, but I had mild fever, aches, dizziness, chills, and pressed on through the meet (with fulfilling results). Anyway, since then I've had this lingering nasal congestion and scratchy troat.

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