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After a long rest

Week 11 - Saturday stretch

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I felt really tired last night and ended up going to bed at around 8pm which was before my wife and kids. I woke this morning at 5.45 feeling somewhat better but still felt lethargic and tired as the day has gone on. Either a long week is catching up with me or I am fighting some sort of illness. Either way I will keep going.

My parents came in this week from England for Christmas. The kids are already enjoying time with Granny and Grandad. We all ended up going to the pool this afternoon. The kids and my dad played around on the boards, the kiddy pool and the hot tub, while I did a short stretch workout. It was great fun.

Warm up
400 free
6x50 free drill, alternating finger drag and catchup
5x100 kick on 1.50

Main set
6x200 on 2.40, holding 2.10(I actually felt pretty good through number 4 then I felt my stroke shortening, so had to concentrate on keeping long and strong. No I'll effect on my time)

Warm down
400 IM drill
200 by 50 25 under water, 25 easy

Total 3000

Apparently on Monday we have the 12 days of Christmas set. I am guessing it's not the 9100yd version, but I suspect it will be just as fun!!!

I am still very motivated with my swimming and the trip to Austin this week and swimming with Longhorn Aquatics was a great boost both in confidence and gave me a glimpse of where I can get to if I am able to continue working hard.

My weight loss continues. I am about .5 lb short of my 190lbs goal, so hopefully I will meet my target weight next week. I suspect part of my fatigue is related to my weight loss, so hopefully as I start to transition to weight maintenance I will feel more energetic.

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    Don't forget to take the vitamins and drink lots of water... helps fight off the cold and makes the weight maintenance a little easier too. You'll get that energy back.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    When I started my weight loss I went to the doctor for some advice and the main advice given was to watch my micro nutrients. I have been taking a one a day multi vitamin, omega3, and trying to get good mineral balance through my diet(particularly potassium which I guess helps with cramp). I started on some high dosage vitamin c on thursday because I felt so bad. I am feeling better than I did and feel like I need a really good nights sleep. Thanks for the advice and support.