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After a long rest

Week 12 - quality workout

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My joints ached before I got into the pool. I have taken this week and next week off work and decided to paint the living room and our bedroom. Both rooms are double height rooms and it required scaffolding. My arms ache frommpaintingnand my legs ache from continually climbing the scaffolding. The workout helped but did not completely get the stiffness out of the joints.

Warm up
400 free
6x 50 catchup
6x100 kick on 1.20 with flippers

Main set
3x(100 free descend, 3x50 fast, 200negative split)
1.03 on 100, 30 on 50s and 2.05 on 200

100 easy

10x50 with parachute on 45. these hurt pretty bad but I made all of them with about 5 seconds rest on each.

100 easy

3x100 free from the blocks. 1 and 3 with flippers, 2 without. Went 52,58,51.

One of the guys I train with has been out following an operation about a month ago to fix a herniated septum. Chris jumped in during the main set and it was great to have someone to train with again. A few weeks and Chris should be back pushing me pretty hard.

I think I will try to go for a swim with my daughter tomorrow; should be fun. I took her to practice today and she is getting really good? It's nice to see her leading all the boys, who hate it when a girl is faster than them. I need to continue to remind myself she is still only 9. She does not need any extra daddy pressure!

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