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Monday Dec 31st, 2012 400 KICK for Time

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Monday Dec 31st, 2012 400 KICK for Time
Tomorrow I will be a FINA 50!

Lately I've been preparing for the 400 Kick for Time
I showed up yesterday for Sunday practice and the pool was set up LCM, and the 400 Kick for time is SCY, so it was a no go. Showed up today for 5:30 am to 7:00 practice & the pool was still LCM, did most of the practice, then got out 15 minutes early, put on a B70 jammer & gave the 400 another shot,
my 1st 2 tries were 5:32 & 5:24,
today I went 5:08.11
050 33 0:33
100 37 1:10
150 39 1:49
200 39 2:28 1:18
250 40 3:08
300 40 3:48 1:20
350 40 4:28
400 40 5:08.11 1:20 2:40
went out a bit too hard but it didn't feel like it at the time
stuck with the NO STROKE RULE which I really wanted to break but didn't
wore a jammer

Recently Renewed my 2013 USMS membership

Don't have a team?
Consider registering with: Longhorn Masters / TXLA
especially if you ever swam for Longhorn Aquatics club or Masters, UT or if you are coming to the
2013 South Central SCY Zone Championships
April 5, 6 & 7 in Austin at the UT swim Center and you want to do some relays

Swam: Sun, mainly worked on flutter kick with a board, doing fast 50's & 100's
Did not swim on Saturday

Whitney Coached
5:30 - 7:00 dove around 6:40
LCM UT Swim Center main pool
Swam with Todd (who hasn't swum in 10 days) & Marcio (who's swum 3 times in the past 2 months) I was very impressed with how they hung in there and did the practice.
Trained beside David, Larry, Sharon, & Gull

Warm up
assigned 800
dove in late, did 3 or 400

Main Set

8 x 150 FR LCM
2 on 2:15
2 on 2:10
2 on 2:05
2 on 2:00
Made em leading the lane

assigned 800
did 6 x 100 K

We did 8 x150 same as above but PULL
Todd went 1st, he's faster when he has oars,
made em all again, held 1:55's & 6's, 1:52 on last one
drafting was much easier than leading

ASSIGNED: another 800 but I got out to prepare for my 400 kick

thanking about doubling

Next Meet:

2013 South Central SCY Zone Championships
Fri Apr 5 - Sun Apr 7
UT Austin, TX

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    that is extraordinarily fast kicking! I might have tried it if we could've kicked on the back.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Really nice job Ande. Very impressive drop across your three swims.
  3. Karl_S's Avatar
    You are a kicking machine ande! Great work.
  4. ande's Avatar
    Thank you Leslie, I need to work on NO STROKE turns.

    Thank you Stewart, it was a fun project.

    Thanks Carl
  5. knelson's Avatar
    How did you interpret the "no stroke" rule? I didn't end up doing the 400 kick for time, but wasn't sure exactly what was intended. It seems like no stroke means your board must hit the wall then you pivot around, but maybe some people take a hand off the board, pull the board back, and touch with the free hand. That's what I normally do when kicking.