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12\30\12 weights/swim

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by , January 1st, 2013 at 11:41 AM (204 Views)
Weights at club
  • Chest and back

SCM at club
  • Filmed workout
  • Already warmed up
  • 6 x 50
    • Free - 40 seconds, 35 strokes
    • Back - 41 seconds, 24 strokes
    • Breast - 58 seconds
    • Fly - 40 seconds. 14 stroke
    • Drill
    • Kick for time 20 (46)

  • 3 x 50
    • easy
    • 3 strokes fast then easy
    • 27 strokes in 40 seconds

  • 25 for time (dive from side)
    • 13 flat, 15 strokes

  • 3 x 50 [25 fast (log)/25 easy]
    • 15 strokes in 17 seconds
    • 17 strokes in 15 seconds
    • 16 strokes in 14 seconds

  • 1 x 50 - easy
    • 29 strokes in 43 seconds

  • 1 x 50 - eight strokes fast then easy
    • 42 seconds

Warm down
  • 500 - with snorkel, open turns
    • spent about 1 second each time on walls
    • 9:05
    • 1st 250 done in 160 strokes (0.64 s/m)
    • 2nd 250 finished in 146 strokes (0.58 s/m)


Spent most of 12/30 installing a Grohe faucet on to our kitchen sink. Should have been a 1.5 hour job, but whenever I torqued the new faucet down, it would mount about 1 slanted to the right. Soon discovered the sink's lower faucet support surface had a bend in the area the new faucets clamp needed to mount on. So I had to fabricate the supplied clamp to fit by hand. First tool of choice was my grinder to get the bulk material - but the motor burned up not long after I ground a chunk of skin from my thumb (said a few bad words that echoed throughout the zip code). After that, it was about 9 to 10 trips from the garage, filing away on where material wasn't wanted, then back to the kitchen for another install to see how much, and where, more filing was needed. Must have installed the faucet 12+ times to test fit. Spent entire day (except the swim and weights) on my back under sink, hurdled over cabinet door frame, with a disposer rudely to my right - in my face fashion, drainage pipes in the way with sharp pvc fitting burrs, and metalic worm clamps slicing up my forearms and knuckles.

In the end the faucet is great and is a big improvement, but it will take some time for me to truely enjoy cleaning dishes with it dispite making the job much easier.

Wounds need to heal another day before I swim again, but I couldn't have finished the job without this stress reliever swim break I took at the early stages leading up to the faucet drama. Otherwise I would have given up and purchaced a sink to fit the faucet. Good thing I didn't, I probably would have needed a cabinet to fit the new sink, but that would require a kitchen to fit the cabinet, and so-on. Actually I would have pulled the old faucet from the trash and reinstalled the miserable thing.

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