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After a long rest

Week 13 - IM fun

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I had a great workout today despite it being IM day. I actually really enjoyed the session too.

warm up
400 free
6x50 catchup

Main set

5x200 IM 25 drill, 25 stroke on 3 min
4x(3x50 stroke(I did back) on 50, 2x75 kick on 1.20, 200 IM on 2.40)
100 easy
4x50 free holding 200 pace on 1 min. I held 27.5s

Warm down

200 easy

Total 4200

Despite a little tightness in my right shoulder I felt great today and made all the set times quite easily. I was surprised how easy it was going 2.30s on the main set 200 IM quickies.

I plan on taking my daughter to practice tonight and jumping on the swim bench for30 mins. Hopefully I can loosen up my right shoulder that has been a little tight since Monday. Tomorrow is my first dry land and swim day and we are slowly building pool time, yardage and weights over the next three weeks. I am really excited about this training program and it looks like I have convinced a few of the other guys in the group to workout with me. It's always easier to workout in a group rather than on my own.

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