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After a long rest

Maintaining my weight

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So Christmas is behind me and I did not have to try too hard to avoid eating junk I did not need. I have always worked best when I have a target and I guess in the back of my mind one of my worries about maintenance as opposed to weight loss is that it's a different kind of goal. It's not a drop or stretch goal it's a maintenance goal. I had a great sit down with my coach on Monday and we discussed a lot including some long term goals and some shorter goals. I feel very lucky to have joined a team with a coach who caters to everyone's fitness goals. I am even more excited that my daughter is in the same program and they seem to want the best for the kids and that does not always mean swimming fast all the time. They emphasis having fun which I really believe is a great long term view. I recall really quick kids I grew up with who were burnt out by the time they were 14 or 15.

Anyhow back to my weight update. Following advice on the forums I have reset my weight goal on myfitnesspal to weight maintenance. I plan on continueing to track my calories daily since this really helped during the weight loss phase. Despite feeling guilty over Thanksgiving i did not eat my wifes prepared meal(she was not happy about this and told me so) but instead ate a light meal. This time at Christmas I ate everything everybody else ate but in moderation. I weighed in today at 189. I suspect I will continue to drop weight wise but at a much slower rate. I suspect I am building muscle since I am feeling stronger in the pool. My calorie intake is up around 2000 calories compared to the 1200 I was eating during the weight loss phase. I may need to adjust this up as I increase my workouts.

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