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After a long rest

Week 13 - weights and a swim

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So today was my first Dry land/weight workout. I now know why I was a swimmer and not a weight lifter. There is something nice about not noticing sweat on my body when I swim. Also the pain from weights is a different sort of hurt and I don't like it. I will continue doing it though since I know it's good for me. Based on how I feel now I suspect I am going to be stiff as a board at early practice.

Weight machines
Stretch for 10 mins
10 x (10x bench press, military press, lat pull downs, bicep curls, lower back curls)
30 mins

400 free
8x50 catchup
15x100 pull on 1.30 focus on long strokes
100 easy
Total 2400

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  1. fdtotten's Avatar
    Yes - you will be sore and still from that weight session. It is good though, that you are putting consistent time in the water regardless of work, travel, holidays, and the ongoing daily ups and downs.

    I was doing a 45 minute fairly intense home based dryland circuit program up to June of 2012. Then early October 2012 I restarted again, but it was difficult to regain momentum. But now I have made good progress doing smaller sessions several times a day since I have most of what I need in a small exercise room in our house. For now this way works for me; it is more flexible, I recover faster, and most importantly I am right at 100% of where I was before, and going forward.

    In masters or fitness swimming, a year of training or going USMS Nations is not the real end game, more so it is consistent fitness and participation over many years. So just keep up the excellent progress so far.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Thanks Frank. I suspect all of us who blog all get motivated by each others daily blogs. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and definitely use them as motivation.

    I really like the idea of the shorter weight workouts more consistently throughout the week. I am back to work on Monday so need to figure out how to fit both work and the program for nationals together. I will make it work though.

    I have always worked best when I enjoy the workouts and have some goals. Typically I try to set at least one short and one long term goal. My first short goal was to reach 190lbs which I honestly thought would be tougher to make than it was. My second short goal is to be competitive at nationals. I would like to do the free ladder( all free events from 1000 down to the 50). My long term goal is to be competitive at world masters(this is definitely a stretch at this point but I have to aim high right). Like you said this is not really abut the competitions but I need goals to continue to push myself. I am having a lot of fun and appreciate yours and others encouragement.