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After a long rest

Week 13 - Sprint

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Felt stiff this morning so decided to get to the pool a little earlier and to my surprise the senior age group coach arrived at the same time. This allowed me to finish my warmup before the Masters arrived. I in essence did a double warm up which helped me a lot.

Warm up
800 free
6x50 catchup drill on 50
6x50 finger drag drill on 50
5x100 kick on 1.20 with fins

Main Set
3x(75 fast/easy/fast on 1.50, 100 50fast/25 easy/25 fast with high pace kick on 1.50, 50 25 easy/25 fast no breather on 1 min).

25 easy

6x125 50 drill/75 long stroke on 1.45.
veryone else went 100s on these but coach decided I needed the distance. Honestly it felt good to stretch out on this set, and I still got between 15-20 seconds rest.

2x(2x100 free on 1.10, 100 stroke on 1.40, 2x50 stroke fast on 1min)
I quite easily went 1.04s on the 100s and 28s on the 50s which I did free.

Warm down
200 easy

Total 4325

Part of my three week cycle includes adding the vasa swim bench. I started with 15 minutes which was plenty after Swimming last night and this morning and weights last night. I really like the swim bench and think it will really help my free pull. The plan is to ramp this up over the first three 3 week cycles. My upper body is quite sore and I will take so ibuprofen if it does not ease up. Weighed myself after practice today and weighed in at 188 which means I am maintaining the weight. Despite hurting physically I am feeling good about where I am at right now.Back to work on Monday so I will see how that works with my training program!

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