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by , January 4th, 2013 at 02:50 PM (211 Views)
Weight room at work (during 15 min break)
  • Stretched hamstrings
  • Mayurasana - 3 x 20 seconds
  • Handstand - 1:30
  • Single leg, weighted hop - 3 x 15 each of short, quick hops while holding standard plate overhead (Plyometrics)

SCM at club

  • 20 x 25 Fr @ 0:30


  • 30 x 25 Fr @ 1:00
    • Dive from side, quick breakout and first few strokes, coast easy with solid form to wall, hop out, walk to same point, repeat


I am very lucky to have exercise equipment at work to use. It's a shame only a few others do the same here. For hand-stand, I use a wall to support getting in the position, but I do plan on learning without support.

The pool water heater is broken and it's getting chilly. Probably not too cold for most swimmers, but I had to wear my wetsuit (thermal wimp). It would be nice to have access to a block now but diving from the side isn't a bad discipline at all for keeping the start motor tuned and oiled. My left shoulder couldn't withstand as many from the block either. Nevertheless, goal with this set was to develop reliable streamline throughout the underwater, breakout, and initial stroke portion of a sprint free. I need more work in this area

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    What's the rational for handstands? (Though I like them myself.)
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    I think it might help my shoulders, even though presses with a barbell seem to aggravate them if I lock my elbows. I also think it would be fun to learn how to perform an unassisted handstand without crashing into the coffee table. I looked into it and there seems to be several important steps to get up there and balance.

    Thanks for the tip on plyos. I've already worked on jumping exercises, but not quite in a plyometric fashion. After quick reading I found that one must land and execute the jump within 0.2 seconds. I have been working on strength and flexibility for a while, and as a sprinter, I think plyos would be very appropriate.