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Lets make this year a great one :-)

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Going to start off this year using some old practices from my former coach, will edit them a bit (ie take off a round/repeat where needed lol) These practices from this training trip honestly took my swimming from where I was going nowhere to havign my best season ever. So I found my old log book and decided to start the new year with them.

Yesterday I did this practice and it felt great. Took me like two hours at the pool though, did have to share the lane at one point. (The 250s helped with breathing, it was a bit hard because I would be in the middle of the 20 kicks underwater and then have to go right into a flip turn and keep holding my breath which was good.)

There were time intervals but it was made for longcourse and for young chickens so I just took five seconds rest.

Here it is....

500 warmup (i added), 3 lengths free, 1 bk

2 x

250 (5 strokes then 20 kicks in a streamline underwater)
150 backstroke
150 race free
150 breastroke
250 (3 strokes then 10 kicks streamline underwater)
50 fly (repeat set as stated)

2 x

6x 50 catchup free
2 x 150 kick (i did breast first round then free)
6 x 75 IM on 1.15
600 free with pull bouy and paddles (repeat set as stated)

100 warmdown = 5,850 yards (unless I miscounted)

I'll post what I have for this afternoon, hope this gives some people a fun practice to do.

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Updated January 5th, 2013 at 01:07 PM by Colleen Marais



  1. Colleen Marais's Avatar
    the 150s kick were on 3.00
    Updated January 5th, 2013 at 01:09 PM by Colleen Marais
  2. Colleen Marais's Avatar
    the 6x 50s on .45