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Practice #2

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This is not in the order of the training trip. The real next practice, the pm session had like 4x75s with a pipe, one you can get at home depot, fill with a bit of sand, use stoppers, and then you do catchup with it, its actually fun but I dont have it at the moment.

So this would have been day 3, am session, thats what Im going to do for this afternoon. (times made for longcourse so, do whatever works for you, I'm doing it in a yards pool and I dont think I would even make the intervals right now depending on what it is haha, ill just take a few seconds rest)


2 x

2x 150 @ 2.20
4x 50 bk (6 kick and switch) @ .55
2 x 150 @ 2.00 (strokes then 10 kicks in streamline underwater)
4x 50 breast @ .55
2x 150 @2.20 swim free with fists
4x 50 (right, left arm fly) @ .55 (repeat set as stated)

10x 100 @ 1.35 ALL OUT free


4x 75 catchup @ 1.15
2x 200 kick @3.50/4
4x 75 @1.00 free
2x 200 kick @ 1.55/2
4x 75 IM @1.15
2x 50 @.55

yardage around 7,000 yards? (havent recounted it since log entry)

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