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by , January 6th, 2013 at 08:40 PM (241 Views)
Weights at club
Warmed up 5 min on elip, stretched then the weights

Seated calf sled machine

  • 3 x 8 x about 1/3, 1/2, and all of the weight (resp)

Lateral guided squat rack

  • 4 x 8 x 95, 145, 195, 245 (resp)

Incline press machine (superset with lateral machine)

  • 4 x 8 (10) x cant remember (light)

Shoulder press with 50 lb barbell and three stretch cords attached bound from floor

  • about 3 x 8

24" vertical drop/bounce

  • 3 x 10 x BW, 15lb each hand, and 20lb each hand (resp)

  • Immediately jumped from a fully contracted landing

Leg curls

  • 3 x 10


SCM at same club 1900

  • 500 with snorkel

Drills, with and without snorkel

  • 500

10 x 50 (25 free/25 fly) on no particular interval

  • Dive from side, breakout quick and initial strokes fast, then coast to wall
  • Try to do fly fast

400 kick

  • flutter kick fast off wall then do breast kick drills

Pool temp was back to normal - too warm. I noticed without the wetsuit my warmup times were slower and the number of strokes per 25 was almost 1 more. The suit does create more drag than skin, especially the faster stuff and fills up with water with fast pushoffs and turns. It is a 2 year old sleavless suit.

Mrs. __steve__ (my wife) started doing yoga last week. I think she really likes it.

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