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Mixing it up this year

Did round-the-clocks today

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by , January 8th, 2013 at 07:24 AM (521 Views)
Saturday I started doing some spin bike riding with 30 minutes saturday and 30 on sunday. Last night I only got 20 minutes in but I have to say it goes by fast with a good movie on. For me it has been Mama Mia, and when they break into song my ride gets faster. I have to increase my workouts since I like to eat and this year my metabolism is going haywire on me. Time to shed these pounds.

Left shoulder is still an issue but it has gotten better. Now I am dealing with a head cold and just before a meet that I normally am healthy for. That won't stop me.

500 free every 4th lap drill
500 free kick moderate w/zoomers every 3rd lap fast

Round-the-clocks (once around the clock at each interval) I would have added 3x50@:40 if I was healthier
12x50@:55 free held :44
6x50@:50 free held :42
4x50@:45 free held :43

200 back
200 free kick w/zoomers
300 free w/strapless paddles keeping a 6 beat kick
200 EZ

Total 3000 yards

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