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After a long rest

Week 14 - Wednesday

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I still felt crappy this morning but stuck with it and felt better at the end. Doubled my vitamin c again so hopefully I will beat whatever is wrong before it takes hold! I am the eternal optimist!

warm up

400 free
6x50 backstroke catchup drill
6x200 IM, first 3 drill swim on 3min, the last 3 swim on 2.45

Main set

6 x (150 free with flippers on 1.45, 100 kick on 1.20 with flippers, 50 back on 45 with flippers)
12x50, 2 free on 35, 2 back on 45 repeated 3 times

warm down

100 easy

total 4300

15 mins on the vasa swim bench

I held 30 very comfortably on the 50s free and 35s on the 50 back at the end and felt good(finally). The main set was swum aerobically and was actually quite easy. The hardest set for me was the 200 IMs. I found it hard getting my heart rate up and felt very achy.

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