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After a long rest

Week 14 - Saturday surprise

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I went to the pool today with my daughter like I have been doing for the past few weeks. I choose one of Pat Brundages 4k workouts. My masts coach was on deck working with some of the quick young age group swimmers he has. Towards the end of my workout he called me over and asked me to jump in with the kids and do a quick set. One of the kids reminds me of myself at the same age; he is built like a twig but is going to be really good. He can hold 1.05 frees forever and is still a little kid from a build perspective. I actually go the same feeling I had when I worked out with the longhorn aquatics before Christmas where despite our age difference in the case today I felt honored to be in the same pool as these guys.

Warm up
400 - 100 free, 200 IM swum kick drill by 25, 100 free
4x100 free on 1.30
4x100 IM kick on 1.50
6x50-#1 free, #2-#5 IM, #6 free

Main set
1x500 pull with paddles on 6min
4x100 free on 1.30 hold 1.08(I held 1.05)
1x300 pull with paddles on 3.30 hold 1.05 pace
4x50 free on 1 min
100AFAP - I went 57

Cool down
4x50on 45

Kick set
3x100 kick on 1.50
At this point I got the call to swim with the age groupers who were at the end of a 50 set

Age groupers swim

3x50 on 40 free
200 free on 2.30 - I went 2.05
100 free on 1.20 - I went 1.02
300 free on 3.30 - I went 3.10
200 free on 2.30 - I went 2.05
100 free on 1.20 - I went 1.02

Total 4450

I felt sluggish during my solo workout but as soon as I got in with the age groupers(who were right with me other than on the 300) I felt great. I guess my sluggishness must be in my head!

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