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After a long rest

Week 15 - PM Stretch

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I was in an all day meeting at work today and stiffened up as the day went on. I phoned my wife and got the ok to go do a swim this evening. Our masters workout in the evening is very similar to the morning workout so I spoke with the coach and he set me some recovery sets.

400 free
6x50 catchup

Main set
12x100 focus on stretch during catch on 1.25
3x400 IM twitch with 30 seconds rest between sets
6x100 kick with flippers

warm down
200 easy free

total 3900

Still sore at the top of both my lat's. I took some ibuuprofen when I got home and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I planned on doing weights again tomorrow but with my first meet this weekend I am second guessing. I guess I will have to see how I feel tomorrow.

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