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After a long rest

Week 15 - strong Friday I

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Was feeling good today so hopefully I will do weel at the meet tomorrow. More quality and distance than normal today.

Warm up

400 free
6x50 drill
6x100 kick 50 swim 50 on 1.40
10x50 on 35

Main sets

2x(200 long strokes with no breathing inside the flags on 3min, 50 wi last 12.5 AFAP on 45, 100 with second 50 fast on 1.20, 2x25 no breathing on 30)
16x25 with turns done as 4x(2x25 on 15, 2x25 on 20)
12x25 with flippers under water on 30

Warm down

600 easy

Total 4000

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    Good luck at the meet!
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Thanks. I won all my events but did not go as fast in my 200 as I wanted. Great thing about swimming is there is always a next time. Thanks for the kind wishes.