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After a long rest

Week 16 - Monday evening

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This was my first double workout day as opposed to a workout and loosen up swim. This evening I had to rush around to make practice and showed up a few minutes late. My wife has the flu, so I took my daughter to practice, which left me 45 minutes to drop her off, make and eat dinner and get back to the pool. I ended p eating oatmeal on the way back to the pool which was not ideal since I swam on a full stomach. After practice I headed home to sower and then had to drve to the airport to pickp some Korean guests who are visiting us with work. A really long day!

Warm up
1000 free, breathing 3 and 5 by 25, and no breathing inside the flags
6x150 kick on 2.40

Main set
5x300 IM on 4.30, swim, drill on odds, drill swim on evens
10x100, 2 on 1.05, 2 on 1.20, trying to hold 1 minute pace

No warm down I had to bolt.

Totlal 4200

The 300 IMs were pretty easy, but the 100s were not. I was able to do the 1.05s but they were more like 1.03 pace as opposed to the minute pace I was asked to hold. I felt very tired when I was done. This cycle ups the yardage considerably and I will be doing doubles Monday, Wednesday and Friday.mtis week is going to be tough with work, but I will try as best as possible to make the sessions.

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