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AM Swim,PM bike/run

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by , April 15th, 2009 at 10:19 PM (2188 Views)
500 WU
250,100,250 Pulling
6x100 Kicking
1 hour stretching and weight lifting.

11:30 bridge game.

Rode CompuTrainer
Unionbay Rollarcoaster for warm-up 1mi.
Coors Morgul-Bismark 13mi.
5 minutes easy spinning.
Ran 31 min. easy after yesterday's speedworkout on the track in the morning rain with 45 degree tempertures, doing 12x400@3min.
With the warm-up ad warm-down about 1 hour on the track.
In the afternoon rode trainer doing intervals.
12( .3mi. on 3% grade)@1:40 this is 20 min.
8x(.5mi. on 2% grade)@2:30 this is 20 min.

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