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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 01/24/13: OHS

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Cold weather continues, so I was able to take advantage of two factors today: the occupancy in the lanes was sparse and GregJS was available to observe my attempt for the One Hour Swim. With a goal of 4300yds, I pushed off and did ...

0500 5:59.25
1000 6:22:66
1500 6:31:67
2000 7:06.00 (water break)
2500 6:30.69
3000 6:32.12
3500 6:58.38 (water break)
4000 6:35:62
4500 6:31.94
4565 0:51.57

I felt good in the water, and was able to reign in the last third by really focusing on EVF and consistent body roll in route to a regular SPL. This is almost 300 yards more than last year! I kept an eye on Greg as well, and he expanded on his tally from last year as well, so all in all a great contribution from the Bennington Monument Masters to Team New England Masters total for the national championship!

In other news, I also volunteered some time today to help with the age group team in town. I was able to get in an additional 1600 (so total of 6165yds on the day) as I helped to reinforce proper streamlining skills off every wall, and also long-axis body rotation. It is fun to work with the kids, and they again paid attention to me as I helped to be a for fast swimming with less effort.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar

    Is Greg's injury completely heled?
  2. GregJS's Avatar
    Awesome swim, Mike. And thoughtful guy that I am, I didn't think to offer you a ride home in the negative degree weather afterwards!
  3. GregJS's Avatar
    BTW, was I injured - or is that someone else?

    Obviously, if I do have an injury, it's mental - and getting worse.
  4. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice job Mike!!
  5. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Nice job! However, there are no water breaks in the Hour Postal Swims! In the hour swims that I been to, most of the people don't take water breaks. Personally, I never take one.
  6. That Guy's Avatar
    Good job!
  7. mcnair's Avatar
    congrats... that's a nice improvement!
  8. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks, guys! I kinda miss these long swims, good to knock one out again.