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After a long rest

Week 16 - short workout

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I asked my coach to come in early this morning so I could get at least 40 minutes of swimming in before heading upto the convention center. I had trouble sleeping last night too(too much going on right now) so could have gone in really early if the pool was open. Unfortunately I am the only idiot awake at 3am. I did get to see the first three sets of semi final of the Australian open between Murray and Federer. I felt tired today and congested and could not tell if it was purely a lack of sleep.

400 free
6x50 drill

Main set
8x200 on 2.30, negative split and descend 1-4 and 5-8
2x75 on 1.15 fast/easy/fast, 1x50 fast break out of turn on 1 minute, 1x50 fast on 1 minute, 100 fast on 1.15, 100 easy

Warm down
200 easy

Total 2900

I found it hard descending today, I struggled getting into a rhythm across the 200s. I went 2.15(1.10, 1.05), 2.13(1.09, 1.04), 2.13(1.08, 1.05), 2.10(1.07, 1.03), 2.13(1.09, 1.04), 2.13(1.09, 1.04), 2.11(1.07, 1.04), 2.10(1.06, 1.04), 2.10(1.06, 1.04). The last one would have been a few seconds quicker but ran into traffic at 75 and again at 125 turns.

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  1. fdtotten's Avatar
    Sometimes that is the kind of workout one will experience when so busy with work, family, life, etc. Not sleeping well certainly was also part of it. Being at a convention center with lots of people could also lead to some of the congestion and tiredness. So you know what to do; as best possible - eat, sleep and rest.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Yes I agree. Sometimes the will is there but the body is just not and that's how I felt yesterday. The pool is closed due to a meet this weekend so I plan on having a very lazy weekend. I am traveling with work next week so will be swimming in Tampa and DC with masters teams there. I always get a kick swimming in a new pool, with new people, so I am looking forward to that and suspect I will get some energy from that. Thanks for the support.