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After a long rest

Week 17 - distance Monday

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I felt pretty good today. A little sluggish at the beginning but soon picked up in the main set.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 45
200 stretch free
12x50 25kick, 25 free on 45

Main set
5x100 on 1.15
4x100 on 1.10
3x100 on 1.05
2x100 on 1.00
1x100 on 55
100 easy

12x50 with flippers done as 25 free, 25 under water no breath on 1 min
2x500 on 5.30 with snorkel

Total 4700

I made the 15 x 100 all the way down to the 2 on 1 min. The last one I fell apart a bit and went 1.01. Upto the 1 min set I held 1.02-1.03s.

Off to Tampa and Dc this week. I will be swimming with the local masters teams in both places.

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