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After a long rest

Week 17 - wednesday with Alexandria Masters

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Luckily i was able to catch an earlier flight from Tampa(via Miami - still amazes me how you can get a cheap flight somewhere by flying in the opposite direction first) which meant i arrived at the hotel in Alexandria at 7.30 instead of 11.30. I grabbed some food at whole foods before arriving at the hotel and was in bed asleep before 9pm. The alexandria masters have two 1 hr workouts on wednesday and i swam the early one at 5am. They have some great swimmers and Katie Gilmore is one of there nationally ranked swimmers. She trains hard and it was great swimming with her. Although the yardage was fairly short(they have a meet on sunday) it was a good session and i enjoyed it.

Warm up
200 free
150 pull
100 kick
50 drill

4x(50 fast on 50, 100 one arm drill on 1.45, 25 fast on 30, 75 moderate) IM order
6x50 fly kick on 50
5x100 odds fast on 1.40, evens breast pull, breast kick/fly kick by 25 on 2 min
8x75 odds fly,back, breast, evens back, breast, free on 1.30 fast
100 race pace

Warm down
200 easy

Total 3200

I went 58, 58, 56 on the fast free 100s in heavy traffic. On the 100 IM i went 1.04 which is really quick for me. My breast has come along really well which is a big surprise. I need to work on my fly endurance and speed. Currently fly is my worst stroke. It was great doing a little less yardage with some more intensity on the 100s.

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