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One week off

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I'm taking a week off after the 4/10-11/09 PNA champs meet.

I'm thinking about the next training cycle. I'm probably going to stick with a recent change I made of moving some resistance exercises such as pull-ups and dips to swim days instead of non-swim days, which is when I do most of the other weightlifting.

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    Are you planning to swim any meet this summer? Fat Salmon?
  2. Crazyman's Avatar
    Dave, you did well for 50 free and 50 fly as i understand, you swum your PB on those events last Saturday. Fat Salmon sounds good Kirk, does it requires wetsuit? Why we don't do just for fun? Can you give me more info on this, Kirk?
  3. david.margrave's Avatar
    I'm planning on swimming fat salmon, and trying the 3 mile race this year. Maybe I'll go to a long course meet in Arizona or Oregon too.

    You can swim fat salmon with or without a wetsuit, it's up to you.