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meet at Ocean County Y this weekend!

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This weekend I have a swimmeet at the Ocean County Y.

I am swimming the 50 fly, 500 free, then literally these right in a row, the 200 breast, 200 IM and 100 fly. It stinks I will have to do a 100 fly right after those two, I can imagine the piano falling hard haha. My 200 IM is what I am most looking forward to improving, in practice I have been doing a good amount of each stroke. So we will see. I guess I should not sign up for so many things if I really want to do better lol, but I am still used to signing up for a million things and doing everything from when I was young. At least the 50 fly sprint I get to do first. My goal is to just improve my times from things I swam in October.

The past few weeks I have managed to try and get into the habit of gym and pool once a day, 4x a week if possible. Running has seemed to help with controlling my breathing when in the pool (for some reason I was always feeling out of breath). Anyways, I wish everyone a good weekend of training or swim meet!

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  1. Sojerz's Avatar
    Good luck at the meet this weekend - hope you catch a break b4 the 100 fly or at least there are a few heats in the 2IM. Will have to watch for the next meet at that the new OC Y pool.
  2. ekw's Avatar
    Good luck, Colleen!
  3. fdtotten's Avatar
    Best wishes Colleen for good times at the swim meet this weekend!