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Sat-Sun 0209-02102013

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by , February 10th, 2013 at 10:06 PM (66 Views)

went over to the Chandler 24 Hour for a timed 1000 yard swim

500 w/u various

2 rounds of variables @ 5-10 sec rest:
* half easy/half fast
* half fast/half easy
* all easy
* all fast

100 easy

1000 for time (around 13:14)

300 w/d (did a bit of easy backstroke)

2100 yards

I rarely swim or workout at all on Saturdays. but we finished the cleaning, I ate lunch early, so had time, then got this crazy idea to do a timed 1000.

that time certainly isn't 100% accurate. I have a stopwatch I keep in a ziploc. I started it, and pushed off around 5 sec. by the time I finished and stopped it, it was 13:22. so minus the 5, then minus another 2-3 to finish, grab the watch, stop, I'm estimating 13:14.
that isn't a bad time, certainly not for this pool. water clarity wasn't too good, it was pretty cloudy.

there were 2 other guys swimming, I was initially relegated to the wall lane. then the one in the open area got out, and oddly the one next to me moved over, so I took his lane--which is my favorite.


Usery 68 mi 04:11 16.2mph pace

Felt good through about 50-55 miles...then I got a flat. Stopped to fix it, but my legs just didn't want to pedal after that. Took me a while to figure it out, but I guess I bonked. Made another stop, ate whatever I had, drank a ton, and hobbled my way home. Funny, the first part of the ride was really good, felt like I took the hills strongly...maybe too much. Oh well, live and learn.

I think my problem was that because I went out later I ate a heavy breakfast...eggs and such. last week when I went out earlier, I had 2 PB&J's before heading out, and that works much better. I did have some hot chocolate this morning, which might have let me hang on as long as I did.
so now I can say that I've bonked running, swimming, and cycling. I remember one time running how I ended up just mindlessly walking/jogging back along the canal. thankfully I didn't have to really think today either...was far enough in that I just had to make 1 turn, then I tried to keep focused by counting how many miles back home.

for those who wonder what makes me get out to bike...follow that link and look at the pictures. these barely scratch the surface of what I see while I bike out here... the Tonto National Forest has some amazing mountain views. actually there was snow on some of the peaks today, but I couldn't get any pics of them from where I stopped...

went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a recovery swim. had zero expectations of actually accomplishing much, other than hopefully feeling better after.

started out in the hot tub to warm up. big mistake--after that, the pool felt really cold. I nearly dropped an f bomb when I got in.

600 w/u

300 kick w/board only. done as 50 flutter/50 whip continuous

100 easy

300 pull w/paddles + buoy

100 easy

5 x 100 kick @ 10 sec rest, w/fins + board
done as 50 flutter/50 dolphin

100 easy

300 pull w/paddles + buoy

200 w/d

went in the hot tub and stretched for about 10 min. water was really really warm, so figured I should cool off a little after.

grabbed my goggles and did a very very easy 100 free.

TTL: 2600 yards

mission accomplished: I felt much better after than I did going in

I mostly had the pool to myself. was in my fav lane, and for a while there were some people splashing around in the wall lane, but they didn't get in my way at all.
legs/feet on the verge of cramping here/there, so really tried to stretch things out in the hot tub.

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    Troublemaker! I saw you posted the Zones thread on that triathlon site.